Tom Pappas Collection

The Lees Of Memory sprang to life off the playback head of a 4-track cassette recorder in August 2012... and launched headlong into the process of writing what would eventually become their anticipated debut album entitled Sisyphus Says. Guitarist/Vocalist Brandon Fisher and multi-instrumentalist and singer John Davis have both a 25-plus-year friendship and a musical kinship cemented first in the damp basements and dive bars of their native Knoxville, TN with punk quartet The Used (posthumously re-named The Used To Be for legal reasons, with Davis on drums), and later behind the twin-engine guitars that propelled the group Superdrag to international acclaim and the Buzz Bin with their hit "Sucked Out" and a sizable body of work that still holds water today.

Tom Pappas started writing, recording, and performing in 1992. Released 11 LPs and 4 EPs with The Used to Be, Superdrag, Whip!, Flesh Vehicle, Rock City Birdhouse & Tom Pappas Collection. 20 U.S. tours. 2 European tours. Played The BBC, The Conan O'Brien Show, MTV, The Ryman, Bonnaroo, Red Rocks Colorado, The Filmore East and West. Toured With Green Day, Weezer, Big Star, etc, etc. etc. 

We're excited to announce the release of some classic Superdrag recordings on vinyl for the first time ever. Treat yourself to a copy of Head Trip in Every Key double LP and the new release, Jokers w/Tracers (a collection of Head Trip in Every Key demos from February '97). Available separately or bundled together with exclusive merch options from SideOneDummy.

Lees of Memory

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